(Total Penectomy)

The removal of the penis is desired by some males.  Occasionally ' Eunuchs' desire
penis removal later after having been so for several years.  The removal of the
penis  involves and requires significantly greater skill than the removal of the testes.
Advanced techniques of  nullification  include severing the 'suspensory ligaments' 
to drop the penis before amputating it,   to produce a urinary outlet lower down for
convenience. A new urinary opening may be made between the root of  the penis
and the anus,  but this involves advanced incision and suturing skills. 
Such an opening  reduces the need to remove more of the penis itself to lower the
urinary opening for  convenience. Where do you pee from?  During the surgery a
 catheter is placed in  the urethra,  where it  remains during post-op and healing for 
 about five days.  A  tiny (or large, depending on  the exact style  of the operation)
 pee hole remains.  



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